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One of my greatest passions in Video Editing.  Taking a raw moment and turning it into something grander is something that always gets me excited.  No feeling is greater than taking a moment, collection of videos, a smattering of pictures, and turning them into a memory that will last a lifetime.  Whether its a scripted moment or an authentic capture of a moment, I can turn your media into something great.


I'm based out of Richmond, Virginia, but thanks to modern technology, I can help out pretty much wherever, provided you have a high speed Internet connection.  I'll work with you to create just the video you are looking for, and add on effects, music, and whatever else you are looking for in order to make that video a gem to share forever.


My pricing is available online here, and I'd  love to hear what you have in mind for a project!


"Using only our cell phone's, Alex took our pictures and video and turned it into the coolest video ever!  It is so much better showing a video of our honeymoon to our friends and family to really show them the excitement we felt throughout the trip!  This is truly an amazing wedding gift I will share for years to come!"

-James, 2016

"Alex probably filmed like 12 hours of video during our trip to Japan, and I really wasn't sure what he was going to do with all of it.  When I saw this, I was stunned.  He took a week long trip, condensed it into 30 minutes, and added some bad-ass effects that made it really easy to share.  Now when people ask about my trip to Japan, I share this, and they LOVE IT!"

Charlie, 2016

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