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We are a full-service photo and video company based in Richmond  and can bring your project from the idea and vision you have all the way to reality.




Pre-production services

At the very outset of a project we will work with you to understand your project goals what your are looking for.  This might be via sending us some of your favorite photos or videos so we know what you are expecting or what you want to see.  We can assist with location scouting, concept development, styles, graphics, and more. This critical phase ensures your project begins on the right foot so that the end result is exactly what you had in mind.


Photo Services

Once we understand exactly what type of photos you want, we'll schedule some time and get shooting. We will let you know exactly what to expect the day of the shoot so you are set looking your best. During the shoot, we'll make sure we are getting the right pictures for you, and will share our early edits and styles with you as we begin editing the pictures so you can be part of the process.


Video Services

Once we understand the type of videos, mood, and project you are looking to for, we will get to shooting. We will take care of all the equipment, cameras, sound, lighting, and more to ensure that we have the right tool for your job. Throughout the entire process we will work closely with you to ensure the video is exactly what your are looking for.


Post production services

After shooting your photos or video we will move into the post-production phase, where the project really starts to show its magic. We will edit the media, as well as add graphics, effects, corrections, blemish removal,  and sound (for video) needed to make your project special. We will constantly be touching base to ensure that your project has the right feel and delivers on your expectations.



Pricing Overview

Sometimes the most difficult thing to discuss is pricing, and with photography and video, theres good reason!  Equipment is super expensive and it's a very labor intensive art.  However I wanted to share some guidelines:


Photo pricing

Pricing is generally $100/hour.  This includes drive, setup, and photo taking.  What you don't pay for is photo editing, which can takes many hours after the shoot.  As with most family photo shoots, its best to contact us to learn more and discuss all the details so we can quote you a fair price.


What's included is all the best pictures, some bonus (less than perfect) shots, some photo GIFs, and a link for all of them on Google drive.  No watermarks, or nickle and diming you for each picture.  Once the link is given, the photos are yours to do with as you wish!


Video pricing

We want to make sure your video is as good as it can be!  Video editing however, can take quite some time, so its best to contact us if you want a time estimate for a project.  We will generally charge around $40/hour  for each video project.  Our rates are highly competitive and we can work with you make sure your project can be done in the budget you have required.


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